Harvey Norman

Harvey Norman was BSA’s first opportunity to expand our in-house, multi-services division into the market. BSA | Maintain now assists Harvey Norman with delivering high quality service and maintenance to their large and small scales nationally.

  • Business Unit: BSA | Maintain
  • Location: Australia-Wide
  • Work Type: Multi-Services

Through successful project management, the relationship between Harvey Norman and BSA | Maintain has developed through the ability to assist across a variety of services, from plumbing, electrical repairs to even gardening and landscape design.

In the first year of service, BSA | Maintain were able to complete over 67 major projects spanning over a diverse range of areas. These projects included:

- Removing 54,000 roof screws from their Bendigo site;
- Landscaping upgrades and irrigation in Darwin;
- Concreting 250 kilometres of walkways across sites in Victoria and WA; and
- The recommissioning of a vacant building in Canberra, removing copper piping and 28 tonnes of rubbish.

Our Multi-Services team currently has 60 jobs in the pipeline with many more in discussion stage. This includes the planning for 10 significant HVAC and fire upgrades to their stores.