Monash University

The New Horizons Centre at Monash University in Melbourne, is a 19,500sqm collaboration research centre for the development of leading edge manufacturing technology and services in the bio-medical, aerospace and renewable energy fields.

  • Business Unit: BSA | Build | Allstaff & BSA | Maintain
  • Location: Clayton, Victoria
  • Work Type: HVAC & Mechanical maintenance

The $117m New Horizons project, constructed by Probuild as a joint venture between Monash University and CSIRO, is a central and vital component of a vision to develop a Clayton Innovation Precinct as the most significant technology innovation hub in the southern hemisphere. Along with its high tech purpose, the New Horizons project is also a cutting edge 6 Star Green Star building.

The building, over four levels, is enclosed with a ‘iconic’ facade representing the high-tech nature of the research activities being conducted within. New Horizons will comprise research space divided between open plan office and laboratories, also including PC2 laboratories. Significant open areas for public circulation and meeting points have been designed between the laboratory and office areas. The New Horizons initiative is a platform for excellence in future manufacturing research and teaching, aiming to transform manufacturing in areas such as biomedicine, transport, aerospace and mineral processing. The facility brings together scientists and engineers from Monash University and CSIRO.

BSA provides Preventative Maintenance and Essential Services across the main Monash campus in Clayton. BSA has a dedicated Monash site based service team that consists of technicians, apprentices, site administrator and a contract manager. BSA uses mobile tablets through SECURE reporting system in conjunction with Monash University’s IT Platform “BIEMS” to deliver its service level agreements across 140 buildings ranging from teaching facilities through to high tech research facilities, PC1, PC2 & PC3 laboratories and approximately 8000 assets.