Sydney Metro Northwest

BSA was contracted to complete the Design, Supply & Installation of Fire Services to 10 New Rail Stations on the new Sydney Metro Line between Rouse Hill and Chatswood, with a total order value of $4 Million.

  • Business Unit:BSA | Build | Fire
  • Location:Sydney, NSW
  • Work Type:Mechanical Suppression & Sprinkler Services

Sydney Metro Northwest (also known as the NorthWest Rapid Transport Line) is delivering eight new railway stations and 4000 commuter car parking spaces to Sydney’s growing North West. Trains will run every four minutes in the peak, that's 15 trains an hour. Customers won’t need a timetable; they will just turn up and go.

It is the first stage of Sydney Metro and will be the first fully-automated metro rail system in Australia. Sydney Metro City & Southwest is the second stage.

Sydney Metro Northwest will deliver, for the first time, a reliable public transport service to a region which has the highest car ownership levels per household in NSW. Over the coming decades, an extra 200,000 people will move into Sydney’s North West, taking its population above 600,000, or twice the size of Canberra.

The $3.7 billion operations contract was awarded to Northwest Rapid Transit on 15 September 2014. It is the largest Public Private Partnership ever awarded in NSW.

The project is being delivered with a mixture of underground and above ground stations providing different challenges for the team.

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