BSA | Maintain has developed the CPU II Pressurisation Unit, a patented dust exclusion solution designed specifically for the switch room of a mine, to combat the dusty environment.

Dust emissions are a continued focus for many companies associated with resources, minerals and earth works. In addition to monitoring and reduction programs, most companies take additional measures to ensure that areas housing important equipment such as switch rooms and control centres are dust free.

Maintaining control of production, reducing equipment failure and alleviating expensive maintenance procedures to mitigate dust emissions were the key principles applied to the development of the CPU II Pressurisation Unit, which offers a clean air flow without the need for frequent filter replacements.

The CPU II Pressurisation Unit uses a unique cyclonic separator to remove up to 85% of incoming contaminants and will quickly eject 99% of larger particles remaining (20 microns and above) before the air enters the filter chamber.

Three large high efficiency filter cartridges contained in the chamber reduce filter replacement and frequent maintenance inspections. A variable speed fan provides constant correct pressure without the loss of conditioned air.

The CPU II Pressurisation Units can be used anywhere that dust ingress is a concern, including clean rooms, switch rooms, control rooms, laboratories, critical plant rooms, workshops and more.

The presence of dust and other contaminants is of significant concern and a common issue for businesses operating in mining areas. The CPU II is now being used widely in Western Australia by resource companies eager to protect their critical electrical componentry from failure due to dust migration.