BSA | Maintain is a national technical services provider of smart multi service asset management and maintenance solutions including HVAC, Fire, Electrical, Plumbing and general repairs. We tailor our solutions with programmed, reactive breakdown services and minor works across all our trade services.

With a national network of offices in major cities and regions of Australia, BSA | Maintain primarily uses its own multi skilled technicians to deliver services. We have strong focus of safe work practices and use innovative technologies, robust analytical processes and deliver excellence in customer service and best financial value

Specialised Services

Our maintenance and repair services include:

Programmed Maintenance

    Our maintenance solutions are designed in compliance with Australian Standards as well as being innovative and customisable to your budget and asset criticality.

Multi services

    Our maintenance technicians include a range of trade services so that we can provide a complete maintenance solution for your facility, from air conditioning, fire protection, electrical repairs, plumbing and building fabric repairs.

Reactive and Emergency Services

    We provide a 24 hour 7 day week rapid response for break downs and emergencies anywhere in Australia.

Energy optimisation

    Our energy optimisation team has a suite of tools and experience to assist and implement energy savings to improve building tuning and improve energy ratings. Our analysts have access to market leading software analytics, monitoring and predictive tools to drive maintenance improvements, equipment operation and reduce energy consumption. BSA is also able to develop off balance sheet financing packages to fund energy performance improvements.

Minor Projects

    Our projects teams specialise in mechanical and fire and have the versatility, processes and experience to deliver adhoc building projects ranging from installation of new equipment, upgrades, building repairs, landscaping, fit outs and make good.

Customer Reporting

    Our mobility systems have been recognised world wide and provides valuable asset information such as repair history, condition assessment, compliance and work order reporting. The reporting is flexible customisable and available on line.

Advisory services

    Our advisory services includes audits, due diligence and assessments of assets, sites and facilities. We provide meaningful information and analysis to assist in extending the life of equipment, meet compliance requirements and data to make meaningful and sound financial decisions.

Maintain Energy Analytics

    Our Energy solutions are based on proven Energy Management Software hosts as a service using the following process:

    - Establishing a Baseline using energy data, weather data, activity data
    - Energy Monitoring with real time alerts to maintenance, energy and demand usage anomalies / opportunities
    - Data to drive Drive Maintenance (DDM) and Energy Management - Analytics
    - Maximising existing capacity and features of the existing BMS
    - Fine tuning
    - Identifying & fixing leakages
    - Condition based e maintenance of equipment
    - Identifying Energy Conservation Measures
    - Reporting

    Fully funded, cash flow positive energy efficiency upgrades and services
    BSA Maintain can provide performance-based energy efficiency equipment upgrades, whereby we reduce your energy and water consumption and use the savings to pay for the upgrade. BSA has developed a fully funded off balance sheet financing model where you can have zero upfront cost, deliver energy savings and upgrade the quality of your buiding.


Education & Research